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New Delicious Dining App

We’re changing the way we reward you!

What does this mean for Delicious Dining members?

You will now collect POINTS on our new reward card and on our new App. For every £1 you spend you will receive 1 point.

On the paper loyalty card this will be in multiples of ten, so 10 points for every £10 spent.


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Collecting points on a Reward Card?

Delicious Dining Members will still receive the 50% discount with 280 points.

All reward cards are now changing so if you currently have a partially stamped card, this will be transferred to the new reward card when presented on your next visit. In order to redeem your 50% discount when the reward card is complete, you must now validate the card by adding your email address to the reverse of the card.


Collecting points on our new App?

Collecting points on our new App means even more rewards.

App users will still have the option to use 280 points for a 50% discount, but now you can keep saving your points for even bigger rewards, like an overnight hotel stay! Or if you choose, spend fewer points on exclusive App only rewards.



As a thank you to our customers who both had the old App and have downloaded the new App, we are rounding up ALL partially stamped App reward cards to a full 280 points on our new App.

That means even if you only have a few stamps on the old App, we’ll give you a full 280 points and you will instantly have the 50% off offer available to use - This needs to be done before September 30th!